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Isn't it about...the church?

A few things to post. It has been a while. Actually, I have a lot of stuff to post but I haven't organized it or anything so it is a slow process to get it ready to post here.

What is the Most Important thing in the Mormon church?

You've seen the ads, "Family, isn't it about... time?"

Is family the most important thing in the LDS church? the answer is kinda yes but mostly no.

When it boils down to it the most important thing in the church is this: The Church.

I was raised by righteous mormon parents who fulfilled their callings. My mom even got the honor of being relief society president. It was upsetting the way she was taken advantage of to do "the lord's work". She was constantly running around having to put every lady in the ward before herself or her family. She did it all and gave everything. Every needy troubled lady was suddenly her responsibility. My mom gives like crazy. she does her best to serve everyone and make everyone happy and this was the perfect thing to keep her horribly busy. As a good mormon woman her needs come last. Mormon women are taught to be these martyrs bleeding themselves dry for everyone but themselves. It isn't surprising how bad the depression is among them. When you can't think of yourself or make yourself happy, when you are not good enough and will never be good enough, when you are forever living to be the "perfect" wife, mother, mormon, I can't blame these poor ladies for finding a little happiness from a bottle of Prozac. how else can they live?

Meanwhile, the man is the provider, the head of the home. If his wife or children are failing spiritually he is to blame. But he is kept busy with his callings. He often spends Saturdays helping people move. He is called up by the bishop to help with whatever needs doing. He works hard to support the children that he and his wife probably started having immediately after getting married, being the righteous mormons they are.

Visiting teaching and home teaching each month. Callings that keep you busy throughout the week. Just being a good mormon is tough and the most important thing is raising your children to be good mormons too. How do you show them how to be obedient mormons? You put the church first. You obey the church. You accept the callings. You bring the casseroles. you force them to go to seminary and EFY and youth activities. The little family time you have is centered around the church. Read the scriptures. family prayer. FHE lessons. Spending a Saturday cleaning the church. Going to Young Women achievement nights. Mormon life is all about the church. The most "family oriented" thing about the church is doing all you can to raise up the next generation of righteous tithe payers prepared to give their all to the church. And if you raised them right they will raise up another righteous generation of mormons prepared to give the church everything. The church owns their time, their money, their lives. Yeah. It's all about family...

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